Since photo sessions are quiet these days, I’ve been out shooting a lot of film. My fave camera store in Toronto, Downtown Camera, has magically been doing film delivery and scanning and printing. It has been a lifesaver to still be creative in the way that film deserves.
I love to shoot film when I’m out on hikes and walks and exploring cities. I recently got some rolls developed from some isolated journeys/pre-lockdown trips. I thought it would be fun to share them on the blog here! 

My first roll was Kodak Tri-X 400TX black and white film. I’ve always wanted to try it and it was my first time, safe to say I’ve got a new fave black and white film! I love how cinematic and clear it is, and it does really well in exposures and bright lights. I want to road trip only with this film someday! 

My second roll was one of my go to colour films, Kodak Portra 400. I’m trying out 800 later this month, and 100 soon! This film just has such a great tone, and looks great when you’re just a bit overexposed (i love the look of overexposed film though, so I might be a bit weird). This is my other road trip film of choice.

Let me know your thoughts or questions about film! About traveling and shooting film! About how to get started! My fave films! Can’t wait to share my next roll (EKTACHROME!) Let me know your fave shots! 

RATING: 5/5! 
LOCATION: Apartment, Parry Sound, Port Perry
KODAK PORTRA 400 — Roncesvalles, Toronto (my hood!), and Niagara Falls before COVID-19

My favorite person on the planet dancing in our dark apartment <3