Mike and Carmyn were my last wedding of 2019. I flew across the country back to Vancouver, where I’d lived for 6 years and also where I met the groom, Mike. We went to university together and he is a dear dear friend, so it was such an honour when he and his fiancee Carmyn called me up last year inquiring about weddings!! It was such a joy and privilege to be there to capture their love, which is built on a foundation of mutual respect and similar senses of humour.

I laughed, I cried, I enjoyed childhood photo slideshows and FINALLY meeting Carmyn (the day before the wedding!). When we chatted last year on the phone, I got to hear the most beautiful story of the engagement. Mike spent months writing a letter to Carmyn, which ended up being kind of all over the place because his writing and mood changed whenever he sat down to add a new section. Over months! Then, they were out at a cabin and he proposed by reading the letter out loud to Carmyn. Excuse me while I cry over this amazing couple.

We started out the day at Carmyn’s parents’ apartment in White Rock. Walking down to the beach before the day started, I saw the sun rising, smelled that familiar and poignant smell of salt water and seaweed, and prepared for the day of TOTAL. POURING. RAIN. What a whirlwind!

I’ve split their wedding into two blog posts, so watch out next week for part 2!


Venue: Westwood Plateau Golf Club
Flowers: Coquitlam Florist
Dress: Wear Your Love XO
Suits: Tip Top Tailors

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