The Katarya family got ahold of me back in the fall for some beautiful family photos. First of all, their daughter is THE CUTEST EVER and I love her. Also, how are they so effortlessly cool? Look at their cute leather jacket scheme! Thirdly, High Park is a dreeeam to shoot in in the fall; there are so many different textures and layers and colours. Obv lots of photographers love it, and you hopefully can’t tell, but I was dodging all of them in these photos. Luckily I always start a little later and everyone peaced out halfway through our session and we got to explore! Sorry to Tania for making her walk through weird terrain in those baller heels, but she took it like a champ. 

I’ll be in Hamilton this fall for my annual family + couple sessions. What’s the best spot?? I’m gonna maybe also make urban vibes a possibility. Let me know!