Here we are! Part two of Kaleigh and Shane’s wedding.

I think receptions are kind of the best part of the day. Everyone has been working all day, the emotions have been high, and suddenly you get to the part of the day where you just get to have fun. Where you get to dance and drink and laugh with all your friends and family. When you get to hear beautiful, hilarious, horrifying, amazing toasts. Where old friends are reunited. It is such a lovely part of the day to document. It’s also my fave because I get to sneak off with the couple and allow them to have quiet moments to themselves, to dance and drink and remember that they are the reason for each other that day and it’s magical and fun and peaceful and great. Enjoy all these laughing joyful faces!

You can find part one of the day HERE! Trust me, it’s worth it. 🙂