WOW! I am so stoked to share more of Kaleigh and Shane’s wedding over my next two blog posts! Because I took way too many photos for just one! Kaleigh and Shane were married in Hondo, Alberta, which is both pretty far north and far east. It’s a beautiful area on the edge of the boreal forest, near Alberta’s largest lake, Slave Lake. Their wedding was made up of a weekend-long camping trip for all their guests; Kaleigh’s aunt and uncle own a beautiful horse and bison rearing property AND the community hall across the street; so it’s a perfect location for a casual fun summer wedding. And that’s exactly what we had!

It was so much fun hanging out with their laid back families, just enjoying some drinks, some sun and rain, and mostly, enjoying each other’s company. It was funny, sweet, a love story out of a teen movie, sometimes (like that Shane is Kaleigh’s brother’s best friend… the joke is never lost and brought up frequently). It made for a cosy weekend where everyone knows everyone, or if you don’t, you can drink together anyway.

I was so honoured to be a part of such a real group of people just celebrating real love, and it made me cry, like always, and I hope you can live the day through these blog posts! This post features our bridal parties getting ready, Kaleigh and Shane’s first look, bridal photos, and the ceremony. The next blog post will feature the reception, speeches, and other fun things!


  • Wedding dress is David’s Bridal
  • Bridesmaid dresses are from H&M
  • Groomsmen suits are Moores
  • Those beautiful flowers are from Costco!
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