Photographs are meant to be savoured, to be shared, to be present in your lives. By investing in a timeless heirloom album, your photographs will come to life and be there for future generations to appreciate and enjoy. Tangibility is so important; without it, your photographs are just images. Printing photos brings them to life. 

When choosing where and how to print your photos, it matters just as much as choosing your photographer. It requires the same intention and care, and when printing your images, it’s always best to work with me, your photographer! My photographs look their best when they’re developed by the companies I’ve chosen to work with. These photos will live on your walls or in photo albums for decades. You want photographs that won’t fade, warp, or fall apart. These products are a lifetime investment. 


Your album should be an intentional and thoughtful story about your day. It could be the first heirloom item your new family creates together.
Imagine sharing your wedding album with future generations, your parents, friends, and family, or purchasing a version as a gift for your loved ones.
Imagine sitting down on your couch and reliving the day together whenever you need a pick-me-up, a reminder of your joy and love.
Albums are the best way to not only share, but also protect, your favourite images.
Thirty years from now, will you want to relive your day through a computer screen or through real photographs on your lap, passing them around with loved ones?  
Each album is designed, curated, and delivered by Kristen Lindsay Photography and is unique to each couple and person. My albums are of high quality and made to last, individualized and precious. Keep reading to learn more about the options and the design process. 


My custom fine art album is made with seamless photographic prints on fine papers with true-to-life colour that make your wedding photos come to life. Albums are made of thicker page core, which gives your wedding album an element of individuality. 
You will have your choice of linen, silk, cotton, or vegan leather covers, with the option to upgrade to velvet (my fave!), suede, or leather. Text imprinting on the cover with your names and wedding date is included.
These custom fine art albums are made in the highest quality album shop in Toronto and are true works of art for you to cherish for your lifetime. 
Curated fine art albums are included in all of my wedding collections. Album spreads are done in 8 x 10 and 8 x 8, depending on what kind of shape and size works best for your home (or coffee table!), with the highest spread being 20. Please see the weddings and elopements page for more details.


Parent Albums can be a duplicate design of your own wedding album or can be custom designed smaller with your parents in mind. Cover options and sizes are the same as the above custom fine art album.
This is a great way to share your wedding photos with your family, especially in a time when not everyone you want can attend your wedding. It can live in their homes or shared with their own friends. 



The mini album is the perfect album for a family session, engagement, maternity, and more. 
These can be configured up to 15 spreads and can be purchased as 6 X 6, 5 X 7 (portrait), or 7 X 5 (landscape).
Covers include linen, cotton, silk, vegan leather, with the option to upgrade to velvet, suede, or leather.


When we build your album, there is a lot of collaboration, care, and love that goes into it. Learn more about the process here.


Send me the image names of your favourite photographs. I can’t guarantee I can fit them all, but it gives me a good baseline of what was most important to you on your day and how to design the album to best tell your story for you. 

If that doesn’t appeal to you, leave it all to me! I’m a natural storyteller and can curate the photographs myself to capture your day.


The first draft has me using the photos you’ve chosen as a guiding line for how to tell your wedding story through an album. I include my own choices to complement yours, so we can tell the story to its fullest. 


Once I design the first draft I send it to you to look over. Send me any comments you have on particular images or layouts you may have; for example, do you not like an image I’ve chosen? Or maybe you want one larger and a different image on the page smaller? Just let me know and I’ll tweak what I can to make it work.


You’ve given me your feedback, I’ve incorporated it, and sent you one last version for approval! Due to time constraints I can only allow two feedback sessions, so be sure to take your time and look over your wedding album design thoroughly! 


I’ve sent the album off for production! Once it’s ready I go pick it up for quality control, and then I ship it off to you. Timing can take 1-2 months.


You come home one day to find your new album in the mail! Omg! Take the time to sit with a drink and relive your day through your high quality, timeless, heirloom wedding album. 


A printed photograph is a cherished photograph.

I also offer my couples high-quality print options for printing wedding photos because where we get photos printed is just as important as the photo-taking itself. 

I work with professional photo image labs out of Toronto, where all print products are made with high quality materials, matched to my colours. We can order with or without white borders, glossy or matte. 

You can also order them yourself through my lab through your online gallery, so it’s super easy for you to choose your favourites and have them sent your way!