I’m Kristen, a photographer hangin out in Hamilton, traveling, taking photos, dreaming big, and being obsessed with old buildings. 

I love traveling more than anything & checking out a new place with my camera at my side is my happy place.

I can be found exploring Hamilton & its breweries, cafes, hidden beaches, and old streets, or out on bike rides checking out the rest of the province with my musician and general cool guy, Sean.

Once I start reading a good book I can’t stop, and I can often be found staying up late just to try and finish it.

I love nostalgia, the emotion connected to objects, photos, places, and memories, of the experiences that we all have that create who we are. That tie us to our pasts and remind us to be present in the everyday. 

I love talking about everything & anything and learning more about stuff I don’t know! I’m really into plants, drinking beer in the sunshine, and going on roadtrips.

I also take photographs as a freelancer & traveler, particularly on film, and you can check those out here!

And I hope to be your next photographer! 



I love photographing human connection. 

The love & connection between humans, couples, families, and within ourselves. I am passionate about documenting you honestly, with compassion. I aim for my photos to evoke feelings, memories, to transport you.

I want the photos I take of you to remind you that above all else, the most powerful, magical, potent, real thing on this planet is the love humanity can give, hold, and share, to see the importance of every moment, the beautiful in the ordinary.



You like music / dancing to music / singing loudly along with music / live music
You like going on adventures in the city or out in the wild
You’re a camper / roadtripper / backpacker
You’re passionate about the world and all its magic
You never take life for granted and live for all its experiences
You like a drink (like me)
You’re up for anything! 


  • I was born and raised in the prairies and my family has a long history of farming in Alberta, so a) I love going back out west to photograph people and b) I have a deep love for prairie landscapes, skies, and plants (those in my logo are all some of my faves that I used to make little bouquets with!)

  • Things I love: video games, YA novels, karaoke, instant cameras, campfires, stars, live music, dancing, walking new streets, petting people’s dogs even though I’m allergic, and using paper maps when roadtripping.

  • I moved to Vancouver for my undergraduate degree in archaeology at Simon Fraser University, and still call Van one of my homebases. 

  • When I’m not photographing, I’m reading books, writing, rewatching Gilmore Girls for the millionth time, drinking a beer/coffee in the sun somewhere, or on a roadtrip with Sean.

  • Lord of the Rings still makes me cry and contemplate life and all its meaning. Sidenote: extended edition is the only way to go, and yes I’ve watched all the behind-the-scenes and commentaries.

  • I can’t enjoy my day until I’ve made my bed and had 2 cups of coffee.

  • I moved to Toronto for my master’s degree and am absolutely obsessed with its layers, history, textures, people, and food.

  • I think life is all about taking chances on the things and the people you love.

  • I traveled alone at 19, internationally, and still consider it one of the best things I’ve ever done and would recommend EVERYONE to take a trip of passion on your own sometime and really experience and appreciate this world of ours.

  • I can binge watch any TV show, anytime, anywhere.

  • I know all the words to every Disney song from a lifetime of singing them out of tune.